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Dear Gentleman,

a warm welcome to my website

Get ready to discover the extravagant composition of beauty, elegance, sensual delights and sophistication.

" The average gives its permanence to the world, the unusual its value."

I am Gisèle, an independent german companion, at my late 20s - passionate explorer by heart, reaching out for the next adventure to come. As a sexy bondgirl on a mission, I know what I want and am hard to resist; making heads turn all around the world, wherever I go. Gifted to call an inimitable bouquet of charm, hot-blooded temper, empathy and class my own. 

I ´ m based in London and the wonderful bavarian city of Munich. One third of the month I usually spend traveling all around the world.

Travel-crazed a fly-me-to-you is absolutely desired and where I love to be: " Great things happen to those who go (for it)."

Inspiration can be found in every corner of the globe.

San Francisco, Singapore, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Napa Valley, Toronto, Tokio and Shanghai are a few of my favourite places to mention.

I `m totally excited to meet you at international locations, all around the world. Referring to O. Wilde`s quotation to a convinced hedonista the particular moments of pleasure enrich our lives.

Marvelous if one can share the beautiful sides of life with somebody else.

I believe that dreams come true.

- Do you?!